Hacienda Iguana Map

Hacienda Iguana's incredibly beautiful white sand beach is over one-mile long with crystal clear water and incredible sunsets. This Resort offers a very unique environment that you won't find anywhere else in Central America or possibly the world.

Surfing and Golf aren't the only attractions. Two rivers boarder both the North and South side of the Resort where you can see abundant wild life, from tropical birds, Iguanas, Sea Turtles nesting their eggs on the beach to Howler monkey's.

Surf, golf and fishing are epic, and the wind is offshore over 330 days per year! Or just relax by the pool and enjoy a good book or take some pictures of surfers, incredible unspoiled beaches and breathtaking sunsets.

Resort has Don Eloy Restaurant/Bar to serve all three meals if you don't want to cook or they can deliver you a delicious pizza right to your condo. Or walk down the beach to a near by fishing village for fresh caught fish or lobster for lunch.